Why We Feel Unhappy With Our Work? 

Work is supposed to be called as ‘blessed labor’, but why we feel so unhappy with our current work? There are 3 things that we need to understand, so we can have a blessed one or cursed one.

This afternoon I wanna share what I learnt from a podcast by Ps. Joey Bonifacio. In his podcast, he tells the basic reason why we feel so unhappy in our work because we already lose the mission. And guess what, it’s not about passion, position, money, or etc.

By the way, do we remember the first time you pray for a job? And, do we still pray for our current job?
We need to understand that:

1. Work is from God. Just like God has created Eden and put human to work there. God gives us the job that we need to work on now. He gave our work on purpose, not just randomly given. He has missions for us to accomplish.
2. Work is for God. Once we shift our point of view from working for God to working for men, or even working for money, we will face a boredom. From now on, remember that whatever we do, do it for the Lord, not for men.
3. Work with God. Once we start to use our own strength, our own understanding, we will face burnout. We will see limitation to limitation. But when we work with God, we have unlimited power and resources, because He provides.
So, understanding that a work is from God, for God, and we need to work with God, will open up a dimension that men can’t disturb.

Remember that blessings and promotions come from Above. God will lifted us up, and bless us, in His time, according to His will.
– Wyn


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